Boston Consulting Group Supply Chain Expert and MEXICONOW Editor Join Our Automotive Futures Globalization at the Crossroads Conference (April 24th)

Boston Consulting Group Supply Chain Expert and MEXICONOW Editor Join Our Automotive Futures Globalization at the Crossroads Conference (April 24th)

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Globalization at the Crossroads: Near Shoring, and Re-Shoring to Meet Local Goals and Reduce Risks

April 24, 2024
9am to 12:30pm
University of Michigan North Campus Research Complex,
2800 Plymouth Rd. Bldg. 18, Ann Arbor, MI 48109
This conference will be hybrid with options
 to attend in person or to view via a YouTube livestream.

After reviewing the current and possible futures for the sustainable automotive supply chain in our February conference, we鈥檙e examining the other major change taking place in the global automotive supply chain:  de-globalization.  At our upcoming conference, we鈥檒l be discussing if the automotive supply chain is in fact de-globalizing and some of the reasons companies are doing this or considering doing it.  This whole process was brought on first by the 25 percent tariffs on some Chinese-made components and then by the breakdowns in the supply chain caused by the pandemic lockdowns.  Now the global automotive supply chain built on finding the best price for components throughout the world is changing.  It raises many questions we鈥檒l be discussing including:

路       How much are suppliers near shoring or re-shoring their current supply chains? 
路       What plans do they have to do this in the near future? 
路       What are the main reasons for near-shoring or re-shoring? 
路       What will be the effects of bringing more of the global supply base to the US?  To Canada?  To Mexico? 
路       What role are regulations playing in decisions to near shore or re-shoring? 
路       How big a role did the pandemic play in these decisions? 
路       How resilient will these decisions make the supply chain? 
路       Will re-shoring or near shoring increase prices or reduce company profits?
路       How will the EV transition affect these supply chain decisions?

Confirmed Speakers include:

Bruce Belzowski, Managing Director, Automotive Futures will moderate the conference and provide an overview of the current trends in the automotive supply chain near shoring and re-shoring practices.

Sergio Ornelas, Editor, MEXICONOW, will provide insights into how nearshoring is affecting Mexico.  His multiple conferences in the US and Mexico offer him an overall perspective of Mexico鈥檚 current and future auto industry.  He will also discuss how he sees new Chinese auto suppliers and manufacturers fitting into the already global Mexican industry.

Jeremy Kay, Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group, will discuss his group鈥檚 recent research on building resilient supply chains by developing 鈥渁bsorb鈥 capabilities that reduce exposure to risks and ward off potential disruptions to operations over the long term and 鈥渞ecover鈥 capabilities that provide a rapid response to crises.  He鈥檒l also report on the total landed cost of manufacturing in countries throughout the world.

We are also inviting suppliers and manufacturers to present their current views on autonomous vehicles.

Meet the Speakers
If you have an interest in meeting with any of our speakers, we will facilitate the connection.  Just let us know your interest.


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