A retinue from Querétaro’s Aeroclúster will carry out a trade mission to Brazil next March to learn about the experience of aeronautical companies that will help to create a Mexican consortium in the sector.

Juan Carlos Corral Martin, president of Querétaro’s Aeroclúster, declared that a Mexican capital company is needed, so that aeronautical companies have a greater presence at an international level. Querétaro´s retinue will meet with the Brazilian aeronautical cluster and will request information on how the new business scheme will be implemented.

Corral Martin also reported that two trade missions from aerospace companies in Austria and Germany will arrive to Querétaro in order to bring new business opportunities into the state.  

He explained that the aeronautical sector grows globally between 4% and 6% annually, so he considers Queretaro must grow above 10% in order to remain competitive on the international scenario.

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