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Queretaro triggers the incorporation of workers to the aerospace sector

QUERETARO — Direct jobs in the aerospace industry increased from around 800 in 2006 to the current record of 12,500;…

4 November, 2019

Mexican aerospace industry is re-emerging

24 October, 2019

MEXICO — The national aviation industry is experiencing a resurgence driven by young enthusiasts in the field, so it is…

Queretaro wants to identify supply capacities within the aerospace industry

10 October, 2019

QUERETARO  — The aerospace industry of Querétaro is currently working in order to analyze both the supply capacities and the…

Aerial safety agreement between the USA and Mexico could be renewed

1 October, 2019

MEXICO CITY — Mexican authorities will explore the possibility of renewing the Bilateral Aviation Security Agreement (BASA). “The Mexico-United States…

US$37 million have been contracted by the aerospace sector

27 September, 2019

MEXICO — This year the aerospace industry’s supply stock amounts to US$658 million annually, of this figure only US$37 million…

Sonora signs agreement with Csirus and QTA Aerospace

26 September, 2019

OBREGON — In order to promote the improvement and growth of the infrastructure and aerospace industry in Cajeme, Mayor Sergio…

Ukraine gets close to Tijuana’s aerospace sector

25 September, 2019

TIJUANA — Ukraine is interested, in addition to cultural exchange, in approaching the aerospace park of Baja California, which is…

Expansion of AICM’s terminal 2 just started

24 September, 2019

MEXICO CITY — The Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) reported that it began the construction of an “L” shaped…

Lerta IT, a company committed to the aerospace development in Mexico

23 September, 2019

MEXICO — The Mexican company Lerta IT has just reaffirmed its commitment to the development of the aerospace industry in…

USA is looking for Mexican talent within the aerospace sector

20 September, 2019

QUERETARO — Due to the United States’ lack of human talent within the aerospace industry, the American nation is seeking…

The demand of personnel within Queretaro’s aerospace industry keeps growing

19 September, 2019

QUERETARO – The aerospace industry of Querétaro generates an annual demand of 15-20%, an indicator that could be replicated this…

US$773 million have been invested in Queretaro so far this year

18 September, 2019

QUERETARO — So far this year, the Secretariat of Sustainable Development (Sedesu) of Querétaro has completed 25 investment projects, representing…

Chihuahua: one of the best 5 cities in the world for the attraction of aerospace investment

12 September, 2019

CHIHUAHUA — The city of Chihuahua was recognized as one of the best 5 cities worldwide in terms of investment attraction…

Deimos Grupo Elecnor to invest US$130 million in Yucatan

11 September, 2019

YUCATAN — Deimos Grupo Elecnor will built a technological center in Yucatan which will be dedicated to satellite and space…

An aerospace development center will be built in Queretaro

9 September, 2019

QUERETARO — A development center for the aerospace and industrial sector will be built on the northern campus of the National Technology…