About Us

    Our Vision:

    Being the leading private organization in the promotion of direct foreign investment and international trade in Mexico.

    Our Mission:

    We’re in the business of providing relevant information through print and electronic media, organizing events to bring industrial value chain actors together and services to create new business relationships. Our goal is to improve our clients’ competitiveness.

    Our Values:

    Being committed and responsible to our readers, event participants, sponsors and personnel by conducting business with integrity, respect and excellence. Listening and building first class relationships with our clients to provide outstanding services and obtain high client satisfaction levels.

    Our Purpose:

    Making sure that the promotion of international trade and the investment process are more agile and efficient for our clients while at the same time improving our personnel’s quality of life and generating benefits for the company.

    Message to Our Clients:

    When you make the decision to participate in our marketing programs, we immediately form a relationship with you, where you trust us and we make a promise. There are a lot of components to our brand promise, from our policies and procedures to your experience with our media and events and all the details along the way. Above all else, our biggest responsibility is the quality of our services and our efforts to increase your competitiveness in the market.