200 thousand jobs a month are needed to recover from Covid-19: IDIC

MEXICO –  In order for Mexico to have better conditions for growth, well-being and overcome the effects that the coronavirus pandemic will leave in the country, 200 thousand jobs must be generated per month to gradually recover improvements in the population, estimated the Institute for Industrial Development and Economic Growth (IDIC).

In a videoconference for the presentation of the document “Report of 11 Meetings of the Covid-Industrial April-June 2020”, the director of the IDIC, José Luis de la Cruz, pointed out that it is necessary to generate a strategic program, which includes an industrial policy to align efforts, also promote what has been done in Mexico to favor national content.

He pointed out that it is urgent to apply an approach to economic growth, “if the extreme scenario of the Bank of Mexico were generated, of a fall of 12.8% of GDP, which we consider possible, at the end of the day what we would be talking about is the worst fall since 1932, we have to go for economic growth,”

Source: Milenio