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CBRE to expand workforce in Dallas and Richardson

TEXAS – Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced that commercial real estate investment and services firm CBRE will create 460 new…

24 November, 2021

Texas Instruments to begin construction of new plants next year

24 November, 2021

TEXAS – Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) announced that it plans to begin construction next year of new plants to manufacture…

Texas adds 56,600 new jobs in October

24 November, 2021

TEXAS – Texas continued to report a decrease in its unemployment rate during October, according to the Texas Workforce Commission…

Ford in Hermosillo celebrates 35 years of operations

23 November, 2021

HERMOSILLO โ€“ With an initial investment of US$306 million and an initial production capacity of 130,000 units per year on…

Hermosillo bets on solar energy

23 November, 2021

HERMOSILLO โ€“ Hermosillo seeks to be the first municipal government to make a radical transition to clean energy. The plan…

California Announces First Broadband Projects to Bridge the Digital Divide

22 November, 2021

CALIFORNIA – In an attempt to bridge the digital divide in California, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced that 18 projects…

California created more than 96,000 jobs in October

22 November, 2021

CALIFORNIA – During the month of October, California created 96,000 new jobs, which keeps the state on track to recover…

New Mexico announces plan to cut gross receipts taxes

22 November, 2021

NEW MEXICO – New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham announced that she is contemplating a statewide cut in gross receipts…

El Paso prepares to host second edition of Binational Tourism Connection

19 November, 2021

EL PASO – From December 1 to 3, El Paso, Texas will host the second edition of the Binational Tourism…

SMTC expands in Chihuahua

19 November, 2021

CHIHUAHUA – SMTC, dedicated to the manufacture of electronic boards, opened its second plant in Chihuahua City, with which it…

AMLO and Biden to create border security working group

19 November, 2021

MEXICO โ€“ U.S. President Joe Biden and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador agreed to create a working group on…

Schneider Electric to invest in the border region

17 November, 2021

MEXICO – Schneider Electric has announced that it will build and equip three new manufacturing plants in North America, hiring…

Vesta builds new Eaton plant in Juarez

17 November, 2021

JUAREZ โ€“ The international company Eaton will open a new plant in Juarez that will generate 500 jobs. The industrial…

Home sales in El Paso fell in September

11 November, 2021

EL PASO โ€“ The volume of residential housing sales in El Paso, Texas suffered a fall of 8.82% in its…

Coahuila totals US$8.43 billion in investments

11 November, 2021

COAHUILA โ€“ Coahuila’s minister of Economic Development, Jaime Guerra Perez, informed that a global investment of US$8.43 billion in 150…

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