25 investment projects formalized in Durango valued at US$ 848 million

Important clusters have been conformed in the Laguna Region and in the capital of the State, and roughly 25 investment projects valued at US$ 848 million were formalized in one year. Also, resources valued at US$ 4.03 million were used to address 4,340 projects, which resulted in better usage and productivity in locations of the municipalities of Santiago Papasquiaro, San Juan del Rio, Canatlan, Durango, El Mezquital, Tepehuanes, Mapimi, Simon Bolivar, Nazas and San Luis del Cordero. These projects represent prospects of about 16,436 new direct jobs, which translates to a 0.85% monthly growth rates, and this indicates that the employment in the State is growing six times as much as the national average.