297 employees from Bendix Acuña just graduated

297 employees from Bendix Acuña just graduated

COAHUILA Bendix, the North American leader in development and manufacturing of active safety technologies, air handling and brake systems for commercial vehicles, offers a teaching center in each of its three Acuña plants and hires teachers to provide academic advice and guidance. .

The company also covers the expenses of the exams that students must take to graduate. The courses are open for employees who have been with the company for at least three months and meet the attendance requirements.

In addition to high school, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, Bendix offers scholarships to employees who wish to pursue business and industry related diplomas.

“Over the years, the program has grown at the same rate as the Acuña’S industrial park,” said Jackie Pérez, general manager of the Bendix plant in Acuña. “There are currently 118 employees who are studying at university level – including eight master’s students – as well as 71 high school students and 5 high school students,” she said.