6.5% more agri-food exports

Agri-food exports surpassed the US$23.66 billion record from January through October 2016, equivalent to a 6.5% annual rate increase, informed the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food (SAGARPA). Agro-industry exports had reached US$11.8 billion by the month of May, 12% over the record for the same period in 2015. SAGARPA details that this increase signifies extra income related to international agri-food product sales, valued at US$1.43 billion. On the other hand, foreign sales of the agro-industrial sector peaked at US$11.79 billion, that is 1.4% more that the record for January-October 2015. Besides, the agri-food exports have stayed above other types of income, such as oil sales, which reached a US$15.22 billion value over the figures for the same period, as well as remittances, with a total of US$22.26 billion.