A group of farmers invest to build an ethanol plant in Tamaulipas

A group of farmers invest to build an ethanol plant in Tamaulipas

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Tamaulipas-based company Bioenergeticos Mexicanos (Biomex) has been building an ethanol plant for a few months in the Valle Hermoso municipality, whose production will be sold to Pemex, its CEO, Benito Lopez Martinez, recently told in an interview to El Financiero paper.

The plant, to be named Tamaulipas del Norte Ethanol, is going to process sorghum, grain that abounds in that area, to produce anhydrous ethanol for automotive use. “We already have three contracts signed with Pemex for the storage and distribution terminals in San Luis Potosi, Mante and Valles, where Pemex is going to put a 6 to 10% ethanol to gasoline," said the official.

The commitment with Pemex is to start deliveries in October next year, which will be obtained from the annual processing of 300,000 tons of sorghum, representing 15% of the harvest in the northern region of Tamaulipas. Biomex estimates estimated to obtain 122 million liters per year.

The construction of the plant will require a US$ 90 million investment, of which a part was contributed by a group of farmers who in exchange received 30% of shares. Also, the federal government through SAGARPA contributed nearly US$ 4 million, while the remaining capital was contributed by the rest of the shareholders. In total there are around 163 partners in Biomex.

The plant will generate 62 direct jobs, while another 2,500 related to the production of the raw material will be insured, these are rural jobs.

Lopez Martinez said that the contracts signed with Pemex are valid for 10 years and can be renewed for another 10 years.


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