A new proposal against overbooking

Federal Representative Jorge Lopez Martin, from the National Action Party (PAN), has submitted a proposal to prevent airlines from overbooking flights, or they will face penalties of up to 12 years of prison and fines of 120 minimum wages. The Secretary of the Congressional Commission on Transportation, issued a release stating that the proposal also forbids airlines from operating aircraft older than 20 years, to ensure passenger safety. By revising articles 6 and 35 of the Civil Aviation Act, passenger safety will be enhanced, since the priority is to prevent incidents that could harm o affect passengers. The proposal will grant the Ministry of Communication and Transportation (SCT) the power to maintain a full, public and updated database and the current total fleet of Mexico. “The goal is to insure passenger safety by modernizing the commercial fleet, preventing airlines from operating aircraft more than 20 years old. The SCT would maintain an updated database of all aircraft in the country,” Lopes Martin said. The database will include ID’s, category, make, model, series number, year of manufacture, operator, service class, operational base, accidents and incidents and passenger capacity. The legislator said that SCT’s Service for Mexican Airspace Navigation (Seneam) recorded 2,137,000 users in its airports to 2015. Mexico City International Airport (AICM) recorded a total of 40.5 million passengers in 2015.