Abba’s House, an Amaranth bars producer eager to export

Abba’s House, an Amaranth bars producer eager to export

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Hyderabad, India. - Entrepreneurs from around the World gathered in Hyderabad, India at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) for a week to mature their projects and share their experiences with other entrepreneurs as well as to create a global ecosystem.

Mexican entrepreneurs presented matured programs related to telecommunications, health sciences, food, aerospace, and education industries.

One of the participants in the Mexican delegation is Abba's House, an Amaranth bars producer based in Tijuana, Baja California.

Founder Damaris Ortiz Rodriguez talked to MexicoNow about her project:

MexicoNow (MN). -  What project did you present during GES?

Damaris Ortiz (DO). - My company´s name is Abba´s House and we produce Amaranth bars. Amaranth is an ancient crop originated in the Americas but our bars are not the typical Mexican candy named Alegria. Our product is a super food because has a lot of iron, calcium, and potassium.

In central Mexico, people combines Amaranth with honey, but in the northern region -specially in Tijuana- it is really not attractive. My main market are the Millennials and I decided to combine the Amaranth with attractive flavors such as chocolate, coffee, peanut butter, and green tea. 

MN. - How you end up participating in the GES?

DO. - I applied for the Young Leaders of America Initiative (YLAI) program hosted by the U.S. Government. In Latin America, more than 400 people applied and I was one of the lucky one to be picked for the program. During the program, we worked with other entrepreneurs that do similar processes or products. Also, as part of the program, we have a pitch competition. My product was in the Top 10 and I was selected to be part of the GES 2017.

MN. - Which are your goals for the GES?

DO. - One of them is to establish long- term relationships to sale and improve my product. Also, to construct a system to help each other, especially in Latin America, to get new ideas.

I also want to learn from the speakers because they master their areas of expertise.

MN. - Is it hard to be an entrepreneur in Mexico?

DO. - It is not easy. The Mexican Government has not given us the support and tools. I think they do not believe entrepreneurship is worth a chance. I have applied for several grants, but I have not had a positive response.

MN. - How the YLAI is helping your business?

DO. - I´m now part of the YLAI Alumni; therefore, I can apply for grants. I can ask the U.S. Government to help me to attend to international summits related to my product's field.

Also, the host for the YLAI program can also come to our native country to learn from us and to supervise our processes. Monetary grants are also available.

MN. - What can you learn from the GES?

DO. - I want to learn how to solve problems. As entrepreneurs we share the same problems and I believe we can learn from each other.

Also, I want to export my product and this event is important for me to achieve this goal. I already have a proposal to export my product to San Diego and Los Angeles.