Acciona Energia wins 52.04 MW of wind capacity in Mexico’s third clean power auction

Acciona Energia wins 52.04 MW of wind capacity in Mexico’s third clean power auction

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Acciona Energia announced it has been awarded 52.04 MW of capacity in the third long-term auction held in the Mexican wholesale electricity market, as confirmed in the presentation of the definitive results of the tender called by the Secretary of State for Energy (SENER) and the National Energy Control Agency (CENACE) of Mexico.

This capacity will be provided to the grid by the El Cortijo Wind Farm, owned by the company, which is currently being built in the State of Tamaulipas and will come on stream in the third trimester of 2018.

El Cortijo is being built as a result of the first long-term power tender organized in Mexico, in which Acciona was awarded 585.7 GWh of energy and the associated clean energy certificates (CELs). With the latest award, the company will receive revenues under the three remuneration parameters envisaged in the legislation that regulates these tenders.    

The company will receive a total of 486.3 million pesos (around US$ 26 million at current exchange rates) over the 15-year contract period for guaranteed power in El Cortijo.

Acciona Energia Mexico Director Miguel Angel Alonso expressed his satisfaction “at being awarded capacity once again in a long-term electricity auction in Mexico. We have achieved this in the three auctions held in the country to date, and this shows that we are aligned with the Mexican Government’s development targets envisaged in its Energy Reform”.  

The El Cortijo wind farm, located 40 kilometers south of Reynosa, will eventually have a capacity of 183 MW (15 MW more than initially planned), with sixty-one 3 MW wind turbines of Nordex Acciona Windpower technology.

Also, Acciona will soon begin the construction of the Puerto Libertad photovoltaic plant in Sonora, partly the result of the award made in the second energy auction held in Mexico, in which the company obtained 478.3 GWh together with the associated CELs.

The company has operated 556.5 MW in Mexico under its ownership for some years (four wind farms in Oaxaca) and has built another 303 MW for other customers.


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