Acciona plans US$1.2 billion investment in Mexico over the next two years

Spain-based energy group Acciona plans to invest between US$ 1 billion and US$ 1.2 billion in Mexico in the next two years to double its power output capacity.

“We are talking about 1,000 megawatts (MW), between US$ 1 billion and US$ 1.2 billion of additional investment to what we already did,” Acciona Energia Mexico general director Miguel Angel Alonso told EFE in recent days. The executive added that in 2019 some US$ 500 million would be invested and the rest of it in 2020.

“We want to double capacity by the end of 2020. We would like to start 2021 with 2,000 MW of installed capacity in renewable, photovoltaic and wind power,” said the executive.

Regarding the suspension of the fourth auction of long-term electric power, scheduled for December 18, Alonso said it is a decision of the new Presidency that wants to review “objectives and scope” of this strategy.

“The new government is entering and it is normal, they need to understand what they are going to sign, and what they are going to commit,” he said, adding that once the new government sees the “benefits” of the auctions, it will relaunch them.



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