Actinver launches first investment fund for Artificial Intelligence projects in Mexico

Actinver launches first investment fund for Artificial Intelligence projects in Mexico

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Actinver, a financial services company headquartered in Mexico, launched the first investment funds what will be dedicated to technology in the country, part of which will be for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the other for investing in companies with disruptive technologies.

In this regard, the Asset Management director for Actinver, Alonso Madero, explained these are innovative products that are added to the family of the company’s investment funds, which now total 27.

From these two funds, called “Robotic” and “Everest,” “based on the experience we have had with other successful launches, I would expect to have a minimum of US$26 or US$53 million in each of the new funds over a 12-month period,” Madero said.

“The world is changing at an impressive speed, especially in the last five or 10 years; and although it may seem incredible, in Mexico there is still not a single fund or financial product that is focused on technology, and that will change with the launch of these product,” he said during the product’s framework launch that took place this Monday.

Furthermore, he explained that “Robotic” invests in the best companies that participate in disruptive technologies. This fund is launched in partnership with Axa Investing Management, the investment segment of Grupo AXA, which has experience to invest in the best opportunities and companies.

On the other hand, “Everest,” which is managed in its entirety by Actinver and is the first fund in Mexico that uses AI, uses different algorithms and macroeconomic models that review in real time the opportunities and risks that are seen around the world to do investments. This technology allows a rapid analysis of the macroeconomic issues of any country in the world, and when a certain tendency is detected, the fund says where to invest or disinvest, which allows, rather than seeking better returns, to avoid large losses.



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