AEGSA Global Logistics: aerial option for the automotive sector

AEGSA Global Logistics: aerial option for the automotive sector

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MEXICO AEGSA Global Logistics, sister company of Auto Express Guadiana (AEGSA), both members of Grupo Guadiana, has become an ally of the automotive sector through the aerial part. Recently it managed to reduce the transit times of merchandise from Asia to Nuevo León by providing greater agility in its supply chain.

"This company had complications in transit times due to the fact that they had to collect cargo from various points in Asia, so they asked us to help them and we reduced collection times, air travel and customs clearance of shipments from six to two days, "said Eduardo Ramírez Portillo, commercial manager of AEGSA Global Logistics.

Through AEGSA’s work shipments carrying auto parts, travel on Korean airplanes from Asia to the International Airport of Mexico City, to board another flight with FedEx and arrive at the Monterrey airport, where the last mile delivery is made through AEGSA’s fleet or with other motor carriers.

Ramírez Portillo states that after two years of starting operations, AEGSA Global Logistics divides its business model in terrestrial services, which is the strongest with 40% participation, aerial with 30% and maritime with 30%, mainly serving the automotive and high tech industries.

Source: a21