AEM joins Asia-Pacific space cooperation

AEM joins Asia-Pacific space cooperation

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MEXICO CITY — The Organization for Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation (APSCO) invited the Mexican Space Agency (AEM) to become a permanent member of the group and thus encourage greater interaction within the collaborative projects that both institutions implement.

Through a statement, the AEM said that cooperation with APSCO, provides greater support of satellite images in real time in case of disasters, seismic activity monitoring and agricultural productivity projects with the support of satellites, in addition to the evolution in the use of the telecommunications infrastructure to bring health services, via telemedicine to remote communities.

It should be noted that these statements came after a meeting at the facilities of the AEM where the general minister of APSCO, Dr. Li Xinjun as well as the general director of the Mexican agency, Dr. Francisco Javier Mendieta Jiménez took part.

This invitation is part of a follow-up to the commitments assumed on the tenth anniversary of APSCO in November 2018, for which the AEM was invited to take part in the Asia-Pacific activities.

"Among the projects of high priority there is the" forest carbon ", which aims to take care of the forests, because of its importance, in order to maintain carbon balance, which is a multinational responsibility," stated the Mexican agency.

On the other hand, Li Xinjun stressed the importance of promoting specialized talent, with the "Center for Asia-Pacific Space Science and Technology Education" (CSSTEAP) of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs "(UNOOSA), in addition of the search for a true academic and trade alliance in the space sector for the benefit of both countries and the region.

Source: a21