Aeromexico expects its Boeing 737 MAX-9s back in the air soon

Aeromexico expects its Boeing 737 MAX-9s back in the air soon

MEXICO - Following the detachment of a window on an Alaska Airlines aircraft, Aeromexico reported that it is in the final phase of a detailed inspection of its Boeing 737 MAX-9, and expects all its equipment to resume operations in the next few days.

In a statement, the airline indicated that due to this incident, which was beyond the company's control, it temporarily grounded 19 aircraft of this model for overhaul, representing 12% of its fleet of 153 aircraft.

"In accordance with the directives and indications of the competent aeronautical authorities, including the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the manufacturer Boeing, we are in the final phase of the detailed inspection of this equipment. We expect all MAX-9s in our fleet to return to operation in the coming days," he said.

It also stated that, although the origin of this situation was beyond Aeromexico's control, safety always comes first for the company, for which it apologized to its customers for any problems it may have caused.

On January 6, the Mexican airline announced that it would keep its Boeing B737 MAX-9 aircraft on the ground until they underwent the due diligence process, following the incident in the United States in Alaska.

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ordered the temporary grounding of 171 Boeing 737 MAX 9 aircraft following an explosion in a cockpit panel on Friday night that forced a new plane operated by Alaska Airlines to make an emergency landing.