Aeromexico projects 2024 of expansion

Aeromexico projects 2024 of expansion

MEXICO - Aeromexico, Mexico's flagship airline, is preparing for a year full of achievements and growth as it celebrates its 90th anniversary in September. With a clear vision of modernization and expansion, Andrés Conesa, CEO of the company, shared the plans for this exciting year.

Fleet modernization is one of the cornerstones of Aeromexico's 2024 strategy. The airline plans to incorporate state-of-the-art Boeing MAX aircraft, which will not only improve operational efficiency, but also allow for the expansion of its route network.

With a particular focus on connections to the United States, Aeromexico expects to strengthen ties between the two nations once it regains Category 1 status.

In strategic partnership with Delta, the airline plans to inaugurate more than 15 new routes between Mexico and the United States throughout the year. This collaboration consolidates the position of both airlines as the most extensive connectivity network between the two countries, offering more than 60 routes and 90 daily flights.

The network expansion will be supported by the acquisition of 25 new 737 MAX and 5 new 787 Dreamliner aircraft. This investment not only demonstrates Aeromexico's commitment to a modern and efficient fleet, but will also contribute to economic growth and job creation in the country.

In a grateful message to its customers, Conesa reaffirmed Aeromexico's commitment to 'proudly carry' the name of Mexico to new horizons in this special year. Thanks to you, the Eagle Knight flies higher every day,' he concluded, predicting a successful year for the Mexican airline on its 90th anniversary.