Aeroméxico will promote ‘light’ employment contracts

Aeroméxico will promote ‘light’ employment contracts

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MEXICO – Aeroméxico promotes modifications to the employment contract of its pilot staff to lighten the financial burden to get out of the ‘turbulence’ accentuated by the health crisis.

The airline presented the unionized pilots a scheme for modifying the collective contract that, in the opinion of reliable sources, violates the labor rights obtained by the union.

“The proposal is unfeasible because it is a contract not from a low-cost airline, but an ultra-low-cost one, it is completely unfeasible from the pilots' perspective. This goes against what has been created against the union, “said a source who requested anonymity.

Aeroméxico is in bankruptcy under the protection of Chapter 11 in the United States and obtained financing by the Court in New York; at the same time the Mexican airline has gone through a series of reductions to its fleet, an increase in seats in the aircraft operated and a lightening of the workload.

In a presentation to investors in recent months, Aeroméxico proposed modifications to the labor contract to have a much lower fixed workload and lower the cost of jobs, however currently it has disagreements with pilots, who since the beginning of the pandemic agreed to give up to 65% of their perceptions.

A hearing in New York Bankruptcy Court is expected today in which Judge Shelley C. Chapman will authorize severance settlements for up to 766 flight attendants in 2020, of which the majority are affiliated with the Union Association of Aviation Flight Officers, and others to the Union of Workers of the Aeronautical Industry.

Source: El Financiero