Aerospace clusters are working on strategies in order to speed up air cargo

QUERETARO The aerospace industry in Chihuahua, Nuevo León and Querétaro plans to create an “air bridge” which speeds up the exchange of parts between companies.

This initiative is expected to support the constant mobilization of components that the aerospace industry exchanges between the three zones, thus it’s been analyzed to work hand in hand with airlines that provide transport service, explained the director of the Querétaro Aeroclúster, Antonio Velázquez Solis.

“It is an idea that emerged among the clusters because we realized that many of the companies are moving parts between these three regions and were using expensive commercial services,” Velazquez Solis said.

Therefore, it is planned for aerospace companies to mobilize their merchandise on a commercial cargo flight, which would result in reducing transfer costs, which would result as well in supporting SMEs with efficient logistics services.

Source: El Economista