Aerospace industry in Guanajuato is growing: Femia

Aerospace industry in Guanajuato is growing: Femia

GUANAJUATO - The executive president of the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (Femia), Luis Lizcano, announced that the aerospace industry in Guanajuato is growing, and in the next few years could be among the top 10.

He stated that this is due to the preparation of human talent and variants such as manufacturing and fabrication.

Lizcano highlighted that the state could begin to receive important investments from the aerospace sector. Currently in Mexico there are close to 400 plants or production centers and these new investments would be added to the existing ones.

"Without a doubt, Guanajuato has the capacity to become a leader. It is doing what needs to be done, the most important thing is to prepare human talent, and the fact that we are at Expo Mac is to normalize manufacturing capabilities in the region," the president said.

He detailed that Guanajuato, being an entity with a high manufacturing industry and manufacturing of various products, there are the key elements for it to be one of the states with the best aerospace industry.

"Guanajuato has a great industrial potential, both in manufacturing and fabrication, and that potential is precisely being used for the development of the aerospace industry, we have a button for proof (…) normally when we think of this industry we think of aeronautics," Lizcano said.