Sonora signs agreement with Csirus and QTA Aerospace

Sonora signs agreement with Csirus and QTA Aerospace

OBREGON In order to promote the improvement and growth of the infrastructure and aerospace industry in Cajeme, Mayor Sergio Pablo Mariscal Alvarado signed a letter of intent with the companies CSIRUS and QTA Aerospace, for the installation of the maintenance, repair and reconditioning industry of aircraft (MRO).

“With the arrival of companies specializing in aircraft maintenance, the municipality will consolidate itself as the only one in the country dedicated to the repair and reconditioning of helicopters, in addition to becoming the third in Latin America to provide maintenance for airplanes, which represents an important step in the formation of the Aerospace Cluster based in Cajeme, “said Mariscal Alvarado.

On the one hand, the general director of QET TECH AEROSPACE, Julio César Álvarez and the mayor agreed to analyze the expansion of operations of the company which is currently located in the Industrial Park of Advanced Technology in Manufacturing (PITAM), with a strong investment in its maintenance services, which implies the increase of infrastructure in hangars and thus house more aircraft and perform simultaneous maintenance.

On the other hand, Marcos Rosales Gómez, general director of CSIRUS and the mayor, agreed to analyze the facilities for the operation of said company, investing in the creation of a hangar to provide services in helicopter maintenance, an investment that will be made within an area of 30 hectares, located in the PITAM

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