Aerospace innovations exhibited at the IPN

Aerospace innovations exhibited at the IPN

MEXICO CITY - In commemoration of the 88th anniversary of the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN), an exhibition of airplanes, robots and drones was held at the "Wilfrido Massieu" Stadium.

The event highlighted the projects and prototypes developed by students from various IPN schools, as well as collaborating institutions such as the Tec de Monterrey and other foreign universities.

The prototypes exhibited ranged from exploration vehicles and micro-satellites to aircraft and space rockets, demonstrating Mexico's ability to compete internationally.

Among the exhibitors were members of the teams Laika Aerospace, Orion Rocket, Ka-an Aéreo, among others, from the Escuela Superior de Ingeniería Mecánica y Eléctrica (ESIME) Ticomán.

These teams presented the results of collaborative work between students and professionals in areas such as aeronautical engineering and rocketry.

The company Ka-an Drones exhibited a variety of applications of its drones, from photography to aerial inspections, with the goal of achieving automatic flights for tactical missions.

For its part, the experimental rocketry project Laika Aerospace has participated in national and international competitions with a rocket that reached altitudes of 2 km. At the ENMICE 2023-2024 event, held in Chihuahua on April 11-13, 2024, Laika Aerospace won first place and an honorable mention for sportsmanship.

The exhibition not only showed the achievements of the students at the national level, but also at the international level, where they share experiences and techniques to improve their projects in global competitions.