Aerospace investment needs fiscal stimulus: Nuevo Leon

Aerospace investment needs fiscal stimulus: Nuevo Leon

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NUEVO LEON – The boost of the aerospace sector is a task that cannot be done unilaterally because it also requires state fiscal stimulus, which is fundamental for promoting investment, said Roberto Granados, commercial director of Frisa Aerospace.

"The State of Nuevo Leon has made a great effort to support the growth of the aerospace sector, however, it is difficult to keep a balance since other industries have a strong presence in the region," he said.

The commercial director of Frisa Aerospace, stressed that fiscal stimulus are essential for the development and growth of local companies that are focused on other markets and want to get into the aerospace sector.”

He stressed that Nuevo León currently has the capacity to provide high-level human talent and has one of the largest concentrations of educational institutions in the country

Finally, the executive added that if other entities such as Baja California, Chihuahua, Sonora and Querétaro, are stronger in the aerospace sector, it’s because it was difficult for them to get into mature markets such as the automotive one.

Source: El Financiero