Aerospace manufacturing plant in Chihuahua up for sale

Aerospace manufacturing plant in Chihuahua up for sale

L3 Technologies, an electronics and metal mechanics supplier for commercial and military aircrafts, put up for sale one of its subsidiaries with operations in Chihuahua, Mexico, U.S. media reported citing a company’s spokesman.  

The Chihuahua plant produces sheet metal and parts for commercial aircraft structures. Along with a manufacturing facility located in Florida, the Mexican plant is part of what the parent company calls the Vertex Aerospace division.

L3 Technologies said that, while the Vertex Aerospace division is a strong player, the company has determined through a strategic review that it needs to focus on “more profitable businesses”. 

The company also manufactures a broad range of communication and electronic systems for aircrafts of military, homeland security and commercial platforms.

The U.S. facility, located in Crestview, Florida, manufactures and modifies cabins, fuselages, tail booms and other parts for commercial and military aircraft. 

L3 Technologies is also trimming its other aerospace operations, including a military and civilian aircraft modification plant in Waco, Texas.


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