Aerospace Regional News Issue 72

Aerospace Regional News Issue 72

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Frisa will double the production capacity of Nuevo Leon plant

Frisa, world leader in manufacturing seamless rolled rings and open die for the aerospace and power generation industries, will invest close to US$300 million to double their size in five years, according to Eduardo Garza Junco, CEO of this Monterrey-based company. In an interview, Mr. Garza Junco said that they are working on a vertical integration project to process their own steel (currently being imported), to manufacture die rings and open die, an area expected to achieve significant growth with this plant.

Dishon will join the aerospace sector in Queretaro

Dishon announced a US$20 million investment in Queretaro within 5 years. The company, devoted to high-precision machining, has already approached Bombardier and Safran, among other local suppliers, and therefore has a considerable market niche. The establishment of this company at the State will mean the generation of up to 150 jobs within the next two years. Francisco Gonzalez Diaz, General Director, ProMexico, assured that Dishon's establishment in Mexico consolidates our country as a strategic partner for the aerospace industry and positions it as an important high quality sophisticated manufacturing center.

Embraer will make airplane interiors in Chihuahua

Everything seen inside an Embraer airplane, including floors, ceilings, baggage compartments, restrooms, kitchens, etc. will be manufactured in Chihuahua as of next December, Carlos Ramos, Plant Manager, Zodiac (EZE), announced. He announced that the company will produce the interiors of the new airplanes to be assembled by this Brazilian corporation.

Aernnova expands its premises

In order to support its growth plans for coming years, the company Aernnova will expand the plant devoted to aeronautic structures in Queretaro. 32,291 sq. ft. will be added to the 129,166 sq. ft. of the building currently occupied by this Spain-based company. Aernnova Group is one of the five most important groups in Queretaro Aeronautics Cluster, which to date has invested over US$50 million in Mexico, with a 750 people labor force. Aernnova works for the main airplanes and helicopters manufacturers in the world, including Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier, among others.

Tyco Electronics kicks-off operations in Sonora

The US-based company Tyco Electronics started operations in Sonora, generating 350 new jobs in its first stage. Governor Guillermo Padres Elias and Kevin Rock, President, Aerospace, Defense & Marine Business Unit at Tyco Electronics, inaugurated the new industrial plant located in northern Hermosillo, to reach 64 companies from the aerospace sector established at the State of Sonora. TE Connectivity is planning to raise an industrial complex over 700,000 sq. ft. to produce wires and components to supply several industries, namely aerospace, automotive, power generation, defense and data transmission.

Nitrex inaugurates plant in Queretaro

Nitrex, a company specialized in nitriding solutions, inaugurated a plant in Queretaro with an investment amounting to US$4 million, which in its initial stage will employ 30 people. The plant is installed at La Noria Industrial Park in El Marquez Municipality. The company specializes in thermal treatment solutions, and this new plant is part of their strategy to fulfill the needs of their main customer in Mexico, Peterson Spring and other companies from the automotive and aerospace sectors. The Queretaro plant will be devoted to thermal treatments, such as gas nitriding for ferrous materials, to help them reach high specifications in hardness.

Bombardier will start producing Global 7000 and 8000 airplanes parts in Queretaro

After announcing late in 2011 that with a US$50 million investment they would manufacture parts of Global 7000 and 8000 airplanes in Mexico, the Canadian company Bombardier decided that by the end of this year they will start the production in their Queretaro plant, Alfredo Nolasco, Chief Country Representative in Mexico, informed. Bombardier will therefore expand production in their Queretaro plant, which currently has 2,000 employees and manufactures, among other things, electric harnesses for their airplanes, Global 5000 and 6000 airplanes tails and is making the form of the pilot program of an 8-door airplane in the Cseries family. According to Nolasco, the manufacture of Global 7000 and 8000 airplanes parts suits the company's plans to "consolidate" in Mexico, which aerospace sector has been posting growth rates close to 20% for a decade now.

TechOps project to promote aviation industry in Mexico

With a plane repair unit that guarantees safety for this means of transport, TechOps is a huge airplane hospital. Located in Queretaro, Mexico, it is Latin America's largest and most modern aircraft repair center, where up to 9 airplanes can be dismantled and repaired simultaneously, depending on their size. Specialized technicians perform several processes and repairs. If necessary, airplanes are dismantled so that every component can be thoroughly analyzed and verified so there is no tearing or cracks. This repair center operates 24/7/365, so that all airplanes in the sky which carry millions of passengers every day, can fly safely.

Honeywell Aerospace helps in the launching of Airbus A350 XWB maiden flight

Honeywell's Mexicali Research and Technology Center (MRTC) played an important role in Airbus A350 XWB maiden flight by providing pioneer technology to test the mechanical systems integrated into the airplane. The innovating research and development work done by the local engineering team in Mexico is an example of Mexico's contribution and Honeywell's deep experience and legacy to aerospace industry. This new and innovating airplane applies the wide range of avionics and mechanical services and products we offer with a high integration.

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace will increase aluminum production by 20%

The Canadian company ThyssenKrupp Aerospace posted last year a 25% increase in the volume of sales in the domestic market, and they are expecting to reach the same growth rate in production in 2014. This company supplies aluminum to the aerospace sector, being their main customer in Mexico Bombardier Queretaro - where they have an office at El Marques Industrial Park. A spokesperson said that aeronautics industry in Mexico is growing, due, to a large extent, to the fact that both the state and federal governments "have been advertising and this makes companies see what is happening in this country".

Fokker will invest US$6 million to make airplanes

Fokker, the global aerospace specialist that designs, develops and manufactures highly engineered aircraft systems, will invest US$6 million at their plant located in Chihuahua Aerospace Cluster, for the arrival of new projects from aircraft assemblers, such as Cessna. Part of this investment will be allocated to the assembly of aluminum parts for Sovereign, Citation 3 and Citation 4 airplanes of their customer Cessna, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Director, Fokker Chihuahua, remarked. In addition, Fokker is expecting the arrival of new projects to this plant that will use composites or advanced materials used in the commercial airplanes of assemblers such as Boeing or Airbus, which will allow the use in full of their installed capacity in Chihuahua.

CIATEQ will open an aeronautics lab in Queretaro

Queretaro's Advanced Technology Center (CIATEQ) will open late this year an aeronautics lab to offer suppliers in the sector a space to run reliability tests, Francisco Anton, General Director, informed, pointing-out that the program will be developed with the collaboration of the Competitiveness and Innovation Program Mexico-European Union (PROCEI).

Airbus to open military maintenance facilities in Mexico

European plane maker Airbus plans to install military maintenance facilities in Mexico this year in conjunction with that nation's armed forces, company executives said. The main goal will be to service a fleet of 20 Airbus planes owned by Mexico's army and navy, the commercial director of Airbus's Defense and Space division, Antonio Rodriguez, said. To that end, the Blagnac, France-based company is training Mexican military personnel to begin servicing Airbus CN235 and C295 aircraft later this year.

DHL air hub in Queretaro will be ready in September

The expansion of DHL's domestic air hub in Queretaro shows 80% progress and it will be ready by the third week of September, according to Antonio Arranz Lara, CEO, DHL Express Mexico. The investment in this operating center will allow this company, of German origin, to increase parcels movement by up to 45%, going on a peak day from 70 to 150 tons of cargo. Arranz Lara explained that this is the most advanced domestic air hub in Latin America. "Its area is 107,639 sq. ft., which will allow us operating between 140 and 150 tons per day", he estimated. To date, DHL has disbursed 90% of the US$14.6 million being invested in the hub expansion.

Official opening of Latecoere's Aerospace factory in Mexico

The State Governor of Sonora, Guillermo Padres Elias, Frederic Michelland, President of Latecoere, and Eric Gillard, Chief Executive Officer of Latecoere, jointly offered a ceremony for the inauguration of their new manufacturing facility in Hermosillo, Sonora. The 80,000-square-foot manufacturing facility, which already employs over 250 people, currently produces on-board wiring systems for Airbus and fully assembles the Boeing 787 Dreamliner passenger doors.

Learjet 85 flies its maiden flight

Learjet 85, an airplane with components made in Queretaro, successfully completed its maiden flight. It will offer extraordinary yield, superior technology and the exceptional value expected by Learjet airplanes owners. Bombardier Aerospace announced that Learjet 85, an airplane with a significant number of components manufactured at the State of Queretaro, successfully completed its maiden flight, which will lead to the first delivery to the customer. This project required an investment by the Canadian manufacturer of US$250 million, from the total US$500 million they have invested at the State of Queretaro.

Snecma's soaring flight in Queretaro

Snecma Mexico, a subsidiary of Safran Group, will double their operations as well as the area they currently own in Queretaro Aerospace Industrial Park to support such growth. Stéphane Vitrac, the company's CEO, considers that there is no deceleration in aeronautics. "Quite the opposite, we are undergoing a revolution where all airplanes, all equipment, are being changed to make them more efficient, to consume less fuel". With this dynamism in aeronautics industry, Safran Group maintains growth perspectives and plans for the introduction of new aircraft parts.

Ducommun invests US$ 6.6 million in Sonora

A US$6.6 million investment in machinery and equipment will triple the work space and generate more than a hundred jobs for the people of Sonora. The investment was announced by Andy Wu, Global Development Vice-president, and will be made by the company Ducommun. Ducommun is the largest independent supplier of aero-structure components in the U.S. and the firm has had operations in Guaymas, Sonora, since 2007. Close to 50 people are employed there.