Aerospace sector continues growing in Querétaro

Aerospace sector continues growing in Querétaro

QUERETARO - The Aerocluster makes Queretaro stand out for having a great synergy between academia and industry, which allows for a strong aeronautical sector that generates value, said the head of the Ministry of Sustainable Development (SEDESU), Marco Antonio Del Prete Tercero.

The state official pointed out that the State Cluster Network was created by the agency he heads, with the objective of taking the industry to the next level through collaboration and exchange of best practices among different sectors, which will enrich the value chain in the state.

"The spirit of the clusters is that everyone does what we know how to do and this is a development model that we have embraced for some years and today Queretaro is a reference for this development model, in which the industry and its value chain contribute, generate employment and investments that make the state distinguished and distinguishable," said the head of the SEDESU.

The president of the Aerocluster, Verónica Mendoza Magaña, pointed out that the aerospace industry is coming on strong after the pandemic, which is the result of the strategic planning of the association and the great effort of its members.

At this event, the CEO of the Cluster, Antonio Velázquez Solís, presented the year-end report in which he highlighted the actions that the organization carried out in order to strengthen the presence of its associates in the value chain, such as the Glue Up platform, developed in conjunction with the SEDESU.

Finally, Marco Del Prete and Verónica Mendoza presented the appointment of life director of the Aerocluster to Claude Gobenceaux, CEO of Safran Aircraft Engines America, who is the former president and founder of this organization.