Aerospace sector yields US$2,000 million income

About US$2,000 million is the income obtained from aerospace sector exports, according to a 2014 report by the Ministry of Economy, stated Tomas Sibaja, Executive President of the Aerospace Cluster in Baja California. U.S. and France are the main investors within the sector, since this zone has a privileged location as a U.S. border, and it has an established criteria for assessment, both in schools and around all the specialized manufacture ecosystem, which “gives clients the certainty that we are able to meet every challenge, even within the most complex projects”, added Sibaja. Baja California currently holds a position as one of the most important aerospace ecosystems in Mexico, and in a global perspective, it is located in a region made up from Southeastern California, Nevada, Arizona and Sonora, thus becoming part of a “stronger hub of attraction and economic synergy for the aerospace sector”. According to Sibaja, the State has the advantage of being close to major airplane construction segments; in this regard, there are projects, he added, to eventually have a full airplane assembly and construction sequence in the State, with a certification process that could last 5 or 6 years, as the various production stages have been submitted for certification and auditory based on the highest standards of quality, and are still pending for approval.