AFAC promotes the creation of Official Aviation Standards

AFAC promotes the creation of Official Aviation Standards

MEXICO – The National Advisory Committee for Air Transport Standardization, coordinated by the Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC), proposed to incorporate new topics to the Supplement to the Quality Infrastructure Program 2021 in order to develop Mexican Official Standards.

The first is to establish a Ground Proximity Warning System (GPWS) on fixed-wing aircraft to prevent accidents and incidents.

This system would serve to warn aircrews in circumstances of excessive descent speed, excessive ground approach speed, excessive loss of altitude after takeoff or engine, unsafe vertical clearance over terrain, and improper landing configuration.

"The objective is to update the technical requirements for the operational safety of aircraft, as well as that of air transport services and users in order to prevent accidents," explained the Ministry of Communications and Transportation.

Likewise, it proposes to establish an Aircraft Defect and Failure Identification System, which aims to provide the aeronautical authority with a reliable source of information to determine the origin or root cause of aircraft defects and failures, helping it to take measures to avoid their recurrence and to maintain the safety of air operations.

Source: A21