Agro-industrial park in Queretaro enters second phase expansion

Agropark agro-industrial Park expanded its presence in Colon, Queretaro, with a 178% increase of land availability and 122% increase in its production capacity.

The association is adding 528 more surface hectares, a figure far larger than the 295 hectares from its initial phase, built in 2006. The second phase will include housing, offering a live-in scheme for workers.

The expansion project considers using 41% of the land (220 hectares) as greenhouses, thus obtaining 122% more produce.

This undertakings have the goal of strengthening the position of the Mexican agro-industry production in both the national and foreign markets.

This new expansion is expected to bring 5,000 new jobs, which represents 208% more than the 2,400 positions created in the initial stage.