Agroalimentary exports in Guanajuato, up 18%

Luis Ernesto Rojas Avila, Director of Guanajuato’s Coordinadora de Fomento al Comercio Exterior (COFOCE), assured that the State has full potential to grow from “Mexico’s Barn” to become “Mexico’s Freezer”, as 998,000 hectares of crops are distributed statewide, giving Guanajuato the seventh place in agricultural production among Mexican states. According to Rojas Avila, asparagus, fresh broccoli, frozen broccoli, diced broccoli, garlic, green peppers and strawberries are Guanajuato’s largest exports to clients like the U.S., that buys 31.9%; Canada, that buys 1.74%; besides Honduras, Colombia, Brasil, Costa Rica and Guatemala.