Aguascalientes could replicate Queretaro’s aeronautics industry model

Aguascalientes could replicate Queretaro’s aeronautics industry model

AGUASCALIENTES - For Luis Carlos Ibarra Tejeda, president and founder of the Aguascalientes Aerocluster, the aeronautical industry model of Queretaro can be replicated in the state.

He explained that in the case of Queretaro it took around 25 years to bear fruit, starting previously with the decision of the state authority.

He recalled that this involved the founding of the state's Aeronautical University (UNAQ).

"The Aeronautical University turned 17 years since it was founded, therefore, they should have started 4 years before minimum; then, from the concept it is 25 years", he asserts.

At the same time, Queretaro had the need to create public infrastructure for this sector, such as industrial parks and an airport.

"This industry generates US$3 billion, making it one of the main industries that generate GDP in Querétaro," he emphasizes.

Ibarra Tejeda pointed out that as in the case of Queretaro, the entity could replicate the "triple helix" model to start up the aeronautical industry.

He stressed that some states in the country do it in isolation without an instrumented public policy between government, private sector and education.

"They do not have that complete HUB of aeronautics that they are as a whole," he exemplified regarding the case of Queretaro.

The president of the Aerocluster of Aguascalientes insisted that in the entity there is qualified labor and industry to be able to take the first steps in aeronautics, specifically as a supplier.

"It is necessary to have strategic planning, to know where we want to go, what functions the State is going to do in attracting investment, to prepare the supply and at the same time to train professionals and specialists for this sector," he said.