Aguascalientes: going from the automotive to the aerospace sector

Aguascalientes: going from the automotive to the aerospace sector

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AGUASCALIENTES — “Aguascalientes is currently going through a stage of change and the Ministry of Economic Development, through the Institute for the Development of the Knowledge Society of the State of Aguascalientes (IDSCEA), is looking for us to migrate to sectors with greater added value; we are migrating from the automotive sector, particularly towards the aerospace sector, “said Carlos Martín Muñoz Pedroza, general director of IDSCEA.

Last year the state positioned itself as the second entity with the greatest economic growth in the country, according to the executive. "We have to turn said growth into a sustainable one, “he said.

One of the ways in which this sustainability can be achieved is to extend the state's capabilities, that’s why growth of the automotive industry towards the aerospace sector is important, explained the head of IDSCEA.

An initiative that consists of an extension model for companies going from the automotive sector to the aerospace sector has already begun, which includes an investment of approximately US$262,447.

Muñoz Pedroza added that they’re already working with fifteen local companies which are developing certifications and process improvements in order for their products to get into the value chain of the aerospace sector