Aguascalientes is looking for aeronautical industry companies

Aguascalientes is looking for aeronautical industry companies

AGUASCALENTES - The government of Aguascalientes is looking for companies in the aeronautical industry to learn about the potential of the state.

This was stated by the Secretary of Economic Development, Science and Technology (SEDECyT), Esaú Garza de la Vega, who stressed that a company from this sector could eventually be attracted.

"We are looking for this type of aeronautical industry companies to come to Aguascalientes so they can evaluate the potential, and eventually, also bring this type of industries related to the aeronautical industry," he said.

Garza de la Vega pointed out that the industry would seek to become a supplier of this sector.

He pointed out that in particular, the automotive industry has the capacity so that its human capital from Hidrocálido can contribute to the aeronautical sector.

"It is a sector that I see with a lot of potential; we can migrate in a certain way the knowledge and experience we have in the automotive industry to the aeronautical sector", he explained.

He added that the SEDECyT maintains a policy of economic promotion in fairs of this industry, because the salaries of this sector are very attractive.

According to the president of the Aerocluster of Aguascalientes, Luis Carlos Ibarra Tejeda, the model of the aeronautical industry of Queretaro can be replicated in the state.

He pointed out that Queretaro took about 25 years to bear fruit in terms of economy and progress, however, he did clarify that a governmental decision is needed in Aguascalientes.