Aguascalientes, national leader in FDI in energy

Aguascalientes, national leader in FDI in energy

AGUASCALIENTES - According to BBVA Research, Aguascalientes ranks first nationally in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) with respect to energy.

In this way, the state surpasses other Mexican states in a context in which national FDI has faced multiple challenges.

Aguascalientes received a total of US$7.9 billion, accumulating 15.3% of investment in this sector nationally as of 2018.

This is attributed to its strategic focus on attracting high value-added industries and its ability to offer a favorable environment for investment.

According to BBVA Research, behind the entity is Veracruz with FDI for US$6,68 billion, which represents 11.7%.

In third position is the state of Tamaulipas, with US$5.2 billion, accounting for 10.1% of national FDI.

Aguascalientes' first place in FDI in the energy sector is due to a combination of several factors.

These include state policies, manufacturing production and industrial infrastructure that has attracted companies with exporting profiles.

In turn, the state has mitigated national challenges through better planning and execution of local energy policies, thus facilitating a more stable and predictable environment for investors.