Airbus awards Aernnova, Honeywell for performance and innovation

Airbus awards Aernnova, Honeywell for performance and innovation

Airbus awarded seven suppliers for outstanding work covering industrial performance, innovation, and customer support. The awards were made this week by Klaus Richter, chief procurement officer for Airbus Group & Airbus at Airbus’ annual Global Suppliers conference awards ceremony in Hamburg, Germany.

Suppliers were selected on their ability to deliver “pragmatic and innovative solutions to the highest quality levels and full customer satisfaction”. Among awarded suppliers are Honeywell and Aernnova, both of them operating plants in Mexico.

Aernnova, whose two facilities in Queretaro manufacture metallic components and assemble large complex aerostructures, was granted the Industrial Performance Award for “top level industrial performance, on-time delivery with a focus on quality, a culture of continuous improvement, and strong business ethics.”

Meanwhile Honeywell Aerospace, which operates two plants located in Chihuahua and Mexicali, received the Innovation Award for the introduction of a flight safety weather application, which provides weather updates before and during flight.


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