Alliance to drive the “Industry 4.0” digitization in the automotive and aerospace sectors

The implementation of the digitization in the “Industry 4.0” shall benefit the economic and technological development, in addition to facilitate the industrial production in an environmentally sustainable, integral framework, raising productivity by 20%. “Industry 4.0” is being applied now in countries such as China, the U.S., Spain and Germany, which see a promising future with digitization implemented under a precise and well planned scheme. With the goal of getting Mexico aligned to this trend, the Ministry of Economy, through the Sub secretary of Industry, led by Rogelio Garza Garza, is looking to establish strategic alliances. Eduardo Bartolome, Director of Corporate Communication and Government Affairs at Siemens Central America, pointed out that Mexico must respond to the challenge of accomplishing a coordinated performance and an alliance for cooperation between the government and the industry. The objective is to digitize all of the industry which is part of the supply chain of more advanced sectors, such as the aerospace, automotive, pharmaceutic. With this initiative in effect, there shall be substantial positive results for Mexico, to attain more effective processes to raise the competitiveness levels.