Alsea will bring to Mexico the fast food format of Vips España

Alsea will bring to Mexico the fast food format of Vips España

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Restaurant and cafeteria operator Alsea will launch a new format for its Vips brand, which will consist of smaller and convenient units similar to those operated by the Vips chain in Spain, which was recently acquired.

According to the company's general manager, Renzo Casillo, Spain is a family restaurant, through the years they innovated and one of the evolutions was the creation of the "Vips Fast" concept, which has a smaller menu and no table service.

"Now that we are with the Vips process in Europe we are seeing things that they do very well and that possibly will not only help ... but possibly will reach Mexico and other countries," he said.

He explained that this format has been a success, which was launched in 2016 and already have 30 units, in which they see much potential and whose concept was already on the radar of the company, because they already had a couple of units of this type in Mexico.

The executive said that in Terminal 1 of the International Airport in Mexico City opened a unit 60% smaller than traditional Vips, which has a more restricted menu and has been a success, while the terminal in Tijuana has a convenience format.

"That concept is not far away in Mexico, it is part of the brand's priorities... Part of it are these alternative models, because this allows us to enter in areas that do not justify a larger investment," he explained.