Ambassadors to Mexico

Ambassadors to Mexico

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The foreign embassies in Mexico play a key role in the countries' diplomatic, economic, tourism and cultural relationships. They also provide important and objective information about Mexico's development and competitiveness.

For the past ten years, we have been delighted at MexicoNOW to publish Editor's Interviews with the Ambassadors to Mexico from the most important international partners. We are extremely grateful to all the Ambassadors and their staff for their support and professionalism. Following please find excerpts from selected interviews.

Chile Ambassador to Mexico ROBERTO AMPUERO: "The commercial concentration in Mexico with respect to the giant U.S. market is a two-faced coin. For example, it is favorable when the global economy moves and sensitive when it falls. I believe that Mexico, without abandoning their strong presence in the U.S. should look more to diversifi cation of their exports and the southern zone offers over the long term a very attractive opportunity". (2012)

Japan Ambassador to Mexico SHUICHIRO MEGATA: "The attractions of Mexico include its geographical location, being next to the US market which is a big market for autos, its open and non-discriminating investment environment, and its abundant work force". (2012)

Australia Ambassador to Mexico KATRINA COOPER: "Each day Australia and Mexico are working closer together across a range of fields and there is enormous potential to continue to strengthen our relationships". (2012)

Denmark Ambassador to Mexico SUSANNE RUMOHR HÆKKERUP: "This is a very special year both for Denmark and Mexico, because Denmark will host the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the fi rst six months of the year and Mexico hosts the Presidency of the G20. So this means that our bilateral relationship will be very much infl uenced by these two presidencies". (2012)

Russia Ambassador to Mexico MOROZOV VALERY IVANOVICH: "Mexico can be considered as one of the world's important manufacturers of high-tech products. This fact leads to the development of other sectors such as higher education, professional training and productivity. It provides Mexico with a stable basis for attracting foreign investments". (2012)

Germany Ambassador to Mexico EDMUND DUCKWITZ: "Mexico has a unique competitive advantage in the automotive industry because of its free trade network. It is the only country in the world from which you can export cars duty-free to most big automotive markets. This has attracted most of the big car manufacturers to invest in Mexico, providing excellent business opportunities for auto part suppliers". (2011)

Canada Ambassador to Mexico GUILLERMO E. RISHCHYNSKI: "Only to express this…for Canada this bilateral relationship with Mexico represents over US$30 billion of commerce and over US$10.5 billion in investment. I fi rmly believe we both have established the conditions for a win / win relationship in this economic partnership that has been accelerating during the past 15 years since the entrance of NAFTA." (2011)

India Ambassador to Mexico DINESH KUMAR JAIN: "I wish to underline that the India-Mexico bilateral relations, founded as they are on our shared values, mutual empathy and understanding, friendly cooperation, and similar socio-economic conditions and aspirations, are set to be a principal factor in the global structure for years to come". (2011)

Argentina Ambassador to Mexico PATRICIA VACA: "Argentina and Mexico continue to maintain very good relations, but we want to go further. We want to have more Argentina in Mexico. We would like to recover those bonds that we have had historically. Our President has the determination to revitalize political and cultural bonds with Mexico." (2011)

Switzerland Ambassador to Mexico RUDOLF KNOBLAUCH: "Switzerland will continue its strong cooperation and institutional exchanges with Mexico. We are doing this in order to promote trade and eliminate any possible obstacles. Furthermore, both countries will maintain strong ties and collaborate very closely in multi-lateral forums, among which the fi elds of human rights, migration and environment are central". (2011)

Italy Ambassador to Mexico ROBERTO SPINELLI: "Bilateral relations between Italy and Mexico will keep progressing at an excellent level, politically and economically speaking. We both share the same position in diverse bilateral fields of interest such as climate change, the United Nations and the fight against crime". (2011)

Norway Ambassador to Mexico ARNE AASHEIM: "We are awaiting an opening for the petroleum industry. Mexico needs to let the foreign competition work in this industry and this aperture will mostly benefi t the Mexican economy." (2010)

Sweden Ambassador to Mexico ANNA LINDSTEDT: "Many of the Swedish companies already established in Mexico have undertaken large investments benefiting from the regional trade liberalization and the NAFTA in combination with the proximity to the North American market where Swedish car and bus industry makers such as Scania, Autoliv, Haldex and Trelleborg Automotive are important players". (2010)

Uruguay Ambassador to Mexico JOSE IGNACIO KORCENIAK PASTORINO: "The Uruguayan companies will continue to look for excellent business opportunities in Mexico. I am very optimistic about the investment conditions in Mexico, mainly because of the investment facilities that are being shown there. This, of course, goes along with the dramatic opening-up of the Mexican market" (2008)

Finland Ambassador to Mexico ULLA VÄISTÖ: "Mexico has many advantages for companies of all the nationalities, such as educated labor force, high market potential especially in consumer goods and industry and free trade agreements with many countries". (2010)

Brazil Ambassador to Mexico SERGIO AUGUSTO DE ABREU E LIMA FLORÊNCIO SOBRINHO: "Mexico has become one of the main destinations for Brazilian investments during the last few years thanks to its economic stability, its closeness with the U.S. and its wide net of commercial agreements with 44 countries in the world". (2010)

South Korea Ambassador to Mexico WHAN BOK CHO: "The relationship between Korea and Mexico has a lot of potential. Both countries are very competitive and complement each other. The Mexican Maquiladora is very strong in Information Technologies just as its counterpart in Korean industry, to mention an example". (2010)

United Kingdom Ambassador to Mexico JUDITH MACGREGOR: "The Mexican economy is diversifying and growing. I have recently seen reports which predict it to be the 5th largest economy in the world by 2040. It's obviously closely linked to the U.S. economy but we are starting to see many other international businesses working with Mexico" (2010)

France Ambassador to Mexico DANIEL PARFAIT: "For France, Mexico is a great country that lives by their economy, their culture and the dynamism of their people. The relationship that since forever has been excellent between the two countries isn't just a country- to- country relationship. Globalization places us in a different perspective and we are facing common challenges". (2009)

Spain Ambassador to Mexico D. CARMELO ANGULO BARTUREN: "The vision of the Spanish companies investing in Mexico has traditionally favored investment over commerce, featuring a long-term vision for getting involved in the Country's development." (2008)

China Ambassador to Mexico YIN HENGMIN: "At this time Mexico is China's second most important commercial partner in Latin America. It is also one of the most important targets on the continent for Chinese investment. All comes at a time when China participates among the most important commercial partners of Mexico in all of Asia. The economic – commercial cooperation between Mexico and China has created an excellent bilateral relationship." (2007)