American Industries Invests US$142 million in an Industrial Park in Chihuahua

American Industries Invests US$142 million in an Industrial Park in Chihuahua

- With a privileged location in logistics connectivity, the complex of 54.5 hectares in Chihuahua City, will house 13 warehouses and generate 16 thousand jobs.

American Industries laid the first stone of its Industrial Park Chihuahua. The company invested US$142 million to house 13 industrial buildings on an area of 54.5 hectares.

According to American Industries, the Chihuahua Industrial Park will generate approximately 450 jobs per building in the first stage alone.

This is the first complex of its kind, in the entity where the company was born, and is part of the 5-year growth plan that will prioritize responding to the demand for more industrial spaces in the country, throughout 2023.

“We will also reinforce our search for more sustainable energy, water consumption, and green certifications, in line with the international trend in ESG criteria," said Liliana Hernandez, CEO of American Industries Group.

During the protocol ceremony, which brought together leaders of the region's various business and industrial chambers, Aaron Gallo Arellanes, Director of Real State for American Industries Group, highlighted the strategic location of the land.

"It is located just 4 kilometers from the airport, next to the railroad track, a Presidio airstrip, and with close highway connections to the United States," he described.

Maria Angelica Granadas Tres Palacios, Secretary of Innovation and Economic Development of the State of Chihuahua, said in her message that the project will attract high-value investments while offering labor peace for the citizens.

"I am sure it will not take long for foreign companies to host this new industrial space," she said.

For 46 years the company has been dedicated to the installation of foreign companies in Mexico, offering industrial real estate solutions and shelter administrative services; therefore, it has 140 industrial properties and is present in 16 complexes, in the areas of greatest demand.

Sandra Malottky, Director of Business Development in the Chihuahua Region, commented in a previous interview that the 13 buildings will house manufacturing companies from different sectors: "the objective is to provide new housing opportunities in high-quality spaces and infrastructure to facilitate the successful establishment in the country in the shortest possible time".

American Industries is a Chihuahua-based company founded in 1976 by businessman Luis Lara Armendariz (RIP). To date has supported the establishment in Mexico of more than 200 foreign companies in the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, medical, and home appliance sectors.