AMIA executive presidency change

AMIA executive presidency change

MEXICO CTY - The Mexican Automotive Industry Association (AMIA) announces that after almost four years as Executive President of the Association, Dr. José Guillermo Zozaya Délano will conclude his activities on March 31 of this year.

Dr. Zozaya's contribution during this period stands out for the strengthening of the dialogue with the authorities, the rapprochement with national and foreign business organizations related to the sector, the strengthening of relations and dialogue with the media, as well as the institutional modernization of the Association.

AMIA and its member companies express their deepest gratitude for the contributions made by Dr. Zozaya to this institution, and for his commitment to the Mexican automotive industry, wishing him the greatest success in his personal and professional challenges and endeavors.

Regarding AMIA's work, the Board of Directors will coordinate the work of the Association through Mr. Odracir Barquera, current General Director, and AMIA's professional team; the General Directorate will act as a point of contact with authorities and stakeholders of the industry.