Amisa Group – Expanding Their Horizons

Amisa Group – Expanding Their Horizons

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AMISA Group is the leading Mexican Company specialized in industrial projects including single machinery and/or complete plant installation and relocation, no matter its size or complexity. AMISA Group offers specialized equipment and labor to deliver integral solutions to solve critical installation and relocation projects. AMISA Group is proud to announce their recently acquired 400 ton capacity four point lift gantry from Lift Systems, which increases their capacity for heavy rigging services. It is important to say that this gantry is also able to be split into two 200 ton 2 point lift systems to perform two smaller projects at the same time or in different locations. This is an addition to their current heavy lifting gear which includes another 400 ton four point lift capacity gantry and also a 100 ton 2 point lift capacity gantry with which they mostly use to install heavy machinery from the automotive and metal mechanic industries. This makes AMISA Group able to perform up to five projects at the same time. Alvaro Rodriguez is the CEO of AMISA Group. In an interview with MexicoNOW he told us, "AMISA Group is a very competitive company that offers vanguard technologies and processes with the highest standards of safety and quality to our valued customers.

"Also," Mr. Rodriguez continued, "workshops to get the latest updates and new technologies related to our industry are always attended by our specialized labor force which is our highest strength and the most valuable asset in the company According to Mr. Rodriguez the year 2009 was not only tough for AMISA Group, but for the industry nationwide as well. "We were fortunate," he points out, "to be awarded with several important contracts at the end of 2008, which kept us busy more than half of this year so the crisis did not impacted us with devastating results as it did with several other companies. Now," Rodriguez added, "We are finally seeing signs of improvement where customers are now more interested in develop their projects, and we think we could gradually rise again to levels seen in 2007 and 2008. This is certainly reinforced by the fact that we have experienced a steady demand for quotes by many clients for new projects that need to be completed during the year 2010.

AMISA Group has continued to solidify their operations in the Automotive Industry. In this context, the CEO of the Company explained, "...we have built a very solid business structure with very experienced personnel; we have been investing in the acquisition of specialized equipment tools and personnel training to assure continuous improvement in our internal processes. We are very proud of our excellent management team which their efforts and hard work translates into giving our customers the best experience when doing their projects.

It is important to explain that so far 80% of AMISA Group's clients are related to the Automotive Industry. The other 20% is spread on other industries, but lately, the Group has been especially interested in the expansion of their presence in the Aerospace Industry. This was another interesting insight shared by Alvaro Rodriguez, the Company's CEO. Big efforts and a very aggressive marketing plan have been key factors to accomplish this goal! The latest projects performed by AMISA Group are: Plant relocation for Metrican from Canada to San Luis Potosi; there is also a plant relocation for Dana from Canada to Queretaro and Kentucky. Also, there are two stamping press installations for Dieffenbacher in the Puebla Volkswagen Plant, among others. AMISA Group has an important presence in many of the most dynamic markets in Mexico".We have our headquarters in Monterrey, Nuevo León," said Mr. Rodriguez, "in addition to a branch office in Queretaro and a recently opened logistics coordination office in Guadalajara.

In Queretaro, the Group has had a singular presence for more than three years with many successful projects being done in the Bajio area".Around 40% to 50% of our operations," explains Mr. Rodriguez, "are being done in this area.

The Guadalajara office just started operations the 1st of November of 2009, in which we are now just coordinating some logistics but, the plan is to have more presence in the area and in the near future replicate the operations structure we have now in Queretaro. As the chief executive of AMISA Group, Mr. Rodriguez concluded with this recommendation: "If you want to be certain that your machinery or plant is being installed or relocated the right way, please take a look at what our company is capable to do. I can assure you that you will be more than satisfied with the exemplary service we are able to provide. We have many satisfied world class customers that have experienced our world class service"