AMLO insists that Mexicali brewery will never operate

AMLO insists that Mexicali brewery will never operate

MEXICALI - President López Obrador has ruled out any possibility that a United States company will be allowed to proceed with a brewery project in Mexicali, Baja California, that the federal government halted after a referendum in March.

The government revoked Constellation Brands’ permits to operate the brewery after 76.1% of people who cast a vote on the controversial, partially built project opposed it due to concerns that it would threaten the local water supply.

During a visit to Mexicali, López Obrador once again asserted that the brewery will not be allowed to open and publicly instructed Environment Minister María Luisa Albores to ensure that is the case.

“The decision was taken that a permit allowing this plant to operate would not be granted and that remains the commitment,” he said.

Source: Mexico News Daily