AMLO presents council to promote investment, employment and economic growth

MEXICO — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presented at Palacio Nacional the “Council for the Promotion of Investment, Employment and Economic Growth”, which will be headed by Alfonso Romo, head of the Office of the Presidencia de la Republica.

Representatives of the academic sector, the business sector, the labor sector, civil society and the technology sector will join said council.”It is a matter of adding wills, under the premise that the unity of all sectors is required.., “said López Obrador during the presentation.

Romo mentioned that in a letter, the president entrusted him with the task of “promoting the convergence of the public, private and social sectors to get out of the economic stagnation that has meant only growing at an average annual rate of 3% for more than 30 years”.

He affirmed that his commitment is to turn Mexico into an investment paradise and a competitive country. “This council will provide certainty and security for the investment,” he said, noting that he assumes the responsibility of stimulating growth by guaranteeing integral development.

Among the businessmen who attended the presentation of the council are Carlos Slim, president of Grupo Carso; Juan Pablo Castañón, president of Consejo Coordinador Empresarial (CCE) and Alberto Baillères, president of Grupo Bal.

Source: Milenio