An investment of US$ 1.5 billion is coming for the Mexican industry

MEXICO Due to the increase in demand for aluminum as a consequence of the USMCA, the Mexican industry is already planning the construction of a plant to manufacture sheets for the production of some auto parts.

This plant would involve an investment of about US$ 1.5 billion and although it has not yet been decided in what state it would be located, for logistical convenience it could be in Hidalgo, Guanajuato, Querétaro or San Luis Potosí, reported Fernando García, director of the Aluminum Institute (Imedal).

He stated that between 800 and 1,200 job positions could be open in order to manage the plant, which is estimated to start operations in early 2022, for now financing is being looked for both in Mexico and the U.S.A, Garcia said.

“Since material coming from the region will be a need, interest in having local suppliers will become a need as well,” Garcia said.

While it is true that currently the main material of auto parts is steel, a projected trend suggests an increase in the demand for aluminum, in order to lower the weight of vehicles.

Source: Grupo Reforma