ANPACT asks for the heavy vehicle sector to be allowed to continue operating

MEXICO  — The National Association of Producers of Buses, Trucks and Tractor-trucks (ANPACT) asked the federal government to specify in a legal document that the manufacture and import of heavy vehicles and auto parts, as well as the sale and registration of them, is considered as an essential sector, this is order for the industry to operate and fulfill the delivery of orders to clients that currently are addressing the COVID-19 emergency.

Miguel Elizalde, president of ANPACT, expressed: “What we ask is to be specified that we are allowed to deliver, manufacture and import auto parts; manufacture, import and sell bodywork in order to fulfil the current emergency of food, energy, public health and other supply chains”.

Even though the federal authorities have published two decrees on the essential sectors, “there are still ambiguities”, which put businessmen in uncertainty due to the urgency of delivering to their clients the units or auto parts that they will require.

Source: El Economista