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MEXICO — During 2018, cargo traffic grew in International Regular Service reported by Asian airlines that have slots in Mexico. The above, after accumulating a traffic of 105,389 tons, 12% more than the 94,358 tons reported in 2017, according to figures from the Dirección General de Aeronáutica Civil (DGAC).

DGAC highlights that the airline that contributed the most was Cathay Pacific, with 37% of the annual traffic accumulated by Asian airlines, adding 38,625 tons, 18% more than the 32,868 tons of the previous year.

With 26% Qatar Airlines followed, which resulted in an increase of 14% when comparing 27,516 tons to the 24,143 tons of the previous year. Emirates Arabes was the third airline that handled the most cargo in the segment, 21%, accumulating 22,001 tons, a difference of 10% compared to the 19,980 tons in 2017.

Meanwhile, Korean Air contributed 10% of accumulated traffic with 10,072 tons, which nevertheless represented a decrease of 9% compared to the 11,114 tons of the previous year.

For its part, All Nippon Airways generated 5% of annual traffic at the end of the year with a handling of 5,460 tons, 3% more than the 5,323 tons in 2017. While China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines contributed 1% of the total annual load, each.

This is after China Southern Airlines accumulated 981 tons, 5% more than the 930 tons that it registered the previous year, when it started operations. Meanwhile, Hainan Airlines closed 2018 with traffic of 734 tons contemplating that it started operations in March of the same year.

Source: t21