Asian investments keep coming to Mexico

Asian investments keep coming to Mexico

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MONTERREY — Asian companies are showing interest in investing in Nuevo León since they need to produce inputs in Mexico to comply with the percentage of regional content indicated by the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), said Roberto Russildi Montellano, minister of Economy and State work.

The rule of origin of the USMCA mentions that the content of what is produced in the North American region should be increased from 62.5% to 75.0%.

"The USMCA is attractive to companies in China, Japan and Korea, which would not comply with the rules of origin and therefore seek to settle here," said the official.

Russildi Montellano explained that there are between 60 and 70 foreign companies that are analyzing opportunities to invest in Nuevo León, especially in the sectors of auto parts, household appliances and tooling.

The entity, he stressed, continues to grow, so the state government focuses on improving urban infrastructure so that the investment continues to come from companies that pay good salaries and train their personnel.

One of these poles of attraction is Interpuerto Monterrey, because it offers land, road and rail infrastructure and an interior customs; also, it has the project of installing a power generation plant to be a logistics platform as competitive as those of the United States or China.

Currently, 12 companies are located in 180 hectares and another 40 hectares are still available to be sold in this and the next year, said Mauricio Garza Kalifa, director of Interpuerto Monterrey.

Source: El Economista