ASSA approves dismissal of more than 600 Aeroméxico flight attendants

MEXICO – The Trade Union Association of Aviation Flight Carriers (ASSA) voted to cut 616 flight attendants who are part of the Aeroméxico workforce, a company that initially proposed to eliminate a thousand jobs due to the crisis that the airline is going through.

The union held an Extraordinary General Assembly in which 2,709 flight attendants participated and whose majority opted to cut more than 600 employees, in addition to a rotation scheme.

The rotation will be in effect from the first day of October and will run until September of the following year.

The ASSA detailed that 323 permits without pay will also be approved that will maintain the benefits related to medical insurance and other contributions such as Infonavit.

Currently as part of Aeromexico’s restructuring, it plans to cut its air fleet by more than a third at the end of this year, with which it would operate only 80 aircraft at the end of 2020 and for which it had to adjust its flight attendant staff.

The company is also preparing a negotiation with the pilots of members of ASPA, however, there is still no proposed form of the number of captains that would leave the airline.

Source: El Financiero